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Equity Auto Finance

The premier buyer of automobile contracts that do not meet the qualifications of other Prime and Subprime Lenders.

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Why Use Equity Auto Finance?

We specialize in purchasing high risk contracts on new and late model used vehicles in the Southeast. 

 our motto is: "If the contract makes Sense we buy it!" 

The Mission

To serve automotive dealerships within the Florida and Georgia territories with premium subprime loan offerings, innovative thinking, and strong communication throughout the financing and servicing process.

The Belief

Equity Auto Finance believes in creating opportunities for our team, customers, and the community. We believe in taking the challenge of auto loan financing for dealers by finding creative and innovative tools to aid dealerships in completing more loans successfully.

The History

Equity Auto Finance was created over 30 years ago to help people get into vehicles. From it’s humble roots, the South Florida grown founders, Larry and Diane Courtney, used their background in auto dealerships and realized that there was a niche market for their services; subprime loans.

Our Team
Diane Courtney

vice president

Larry and Diane Courtney built Equity Auto Finance after realizing the best way to help the subprime buyer is to help dealerships. The Courtneys felt that by offering their services to the dealerships, they would be able to help the community. Here Equity Auto Finance is, 30 years later, still offering the great service and forward thinking for that niche type of client, all while helping their community. The only change in the past 30 years is that the community has grown a little bigger. However, the same commitment to their clients exist and the same desire to help dealerships get their cars to those who need that little extra assistance. Sadly, Larry Courtney passed away in 2015. However, Diane has continued on his legacy and is a very active facet of the team.

Henry Silvia


Henry Silvia runs Equity Auto Finance as the Chief Executive Officer. His past experiences in the automotive industry, business, accounting practice, upper management and business venture management are a huge value to Equity Auto Finance. Henry Silvia plans to lead Equity Auto Finance forward, while continuing its long standing tradition of keeping all of its dealerships as its community through innovation and future-sight. He is looking forward to applying his strengths and passion in the purpose of premium customer services for the automotive dealers, while maintains the focus on our niche buyers.

Joyce Chririchello

Dealer Development manager

With over 32 years of experience in the automotive industry, Joyce is responsible for all aspects of dealer relationships and development. Not only is Joyce Chririchello in charge of maintaining dealer relationships and ensuring the product and services are fulfilled to the highest standard, she is also responsible for  the training and mentorship of the new development team. Joyce has been a wonderful asset to the Equity Auto team for the past 8 years.


Equity Auto Finance develops and markets the AssetMax loan servicing software.