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1. Q: What is your 90 Days Same as Cash Program?
A: Equity Auto is pleased to offer it's unique 90 days, same as cash program. This program enables the dealer to "sell around" any rate issues while affording the customer the knowledge that they can shop for better rates and terms after they purchase their car. See dealer section for details.

2. Q: What are the credit guidelines for Equity Auto Finance?
A: Equity Auto Finance uses non traditional approval process. If it makes sense, we buy the contract.

3. Q: What is the minimum credit score acceptable?
A: EAF does not consider the credit bureau score in determination to buy a contract. If it makes sense, buy the contract.

4. Q: What is the maximum Payment To Income ratio?
A: EAF believes that Payment to Income ratios should be considered on an individual basis. If it makes sense, buy the contract.

5. Q: What is the maximum loan amount?
A: EAF has no stated maximum loan amount, a typical loan that is purchased is less than $60,000. If it makes sense, buy the contract.

6. Q: Is a co-signer necessary?
A: Only on rare occasions does Equity Auto Finance request a co-signer. If it makes sense, buy the contract.

7. Q: If the contract submitted for purchase was not approved, can I discuss it with the underwriter?
A: Absolutely! Equity Auto Finance encourages dialog with our Dealers because as this may provide additional insights that will allow us to meet our  requirements. If it makes sense, we buy the contract.

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